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Newly updated and revised, SoftWash Systems’ Sales Boot Camp is a hands-on, immersive training that prepares you for estimating, pricing, and quoting. From the most experienced entrepreneur to the newest business, Sales Boot Camp provides valuable information, tactics, and lessons that are helpful in every stage. This boot camp also introduces the use of our SoftServ Invoice system, allowing for easier integration of both.

Because of the hands-on aspect of Sales Boot Camp, this updated version will ONLY be offered in-person at the SoftWash Systems headquarters in Sanford, FL. While previously a recorded version was available for purchase on our Online Academy, this will no longer be an option. In-Person attendance assures you the best possible position and understanding from our professional teachers.

At SoftWash Systems Sales Boot Camp we not only give you an important concept to help grow you personally and make you a better salesperson but also give you great marketing and sales tools to immediately start your phone ringing so that you can put WINS on your scoreboard!

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MEET & GREET Selling Soft Washing Selling Good Stewards Five Year Spot-Free Warranty LUNCH LABS


MEET & GREET Selling YOU Selling SoftWash Systems Selling Package Pricing LUNCH LABS


MEET & GREET The 5 Keys Leveraging DISC Hunt Or Farm LUNCH LABS



Introduction to the differences in selling soft washing services.

Soft washing is the alternative to pressure washing, but are you selling it as such? What are you doing to so clearly differentiate yourself from the norm in the exterior cleaning industry? This class will address the finer bullet points that need to be part of your presentation when selling this product called soft washing.


Why should your customer pick you because of our Good Stewards mindset.

Today environmental responsibility is a value most every customer seeks in choosing a service company. SoftWash Systems makes it easy for you to tout your positive choices through our Good Stewards Program. This class will teach you how to leverage this program to increase sales.



How to use this great tool to win more business and drive customer loyalty.

SoftWash Systems offers to our in-network companies Authorized status or higher the use of our Nationwide Five Year Spot-Free Limited Warranty. That is great but how do I use it? What is it’s value? How can I leverage it? This class will help you unpack how our warranty system works and how it can add value to your roof soft washing business.



How you leverage your most important asset into more profitable sales.

YOU are your most important asset. YOU are the face of your company. YOU are the “horses’ mouth” to the customer. How do YOU present your best SELF to win more profitable business?


Why should your customer pick you because of your association with SoftWash Systems.

Why wouldn’t you ever talk about your most important asset? Or maybe brag about your most impressive achievement? Does it make sense to leave your most prized fishing lure back at the dock? Then why not build your sales presentation around your biggest tool for success in soft washing? Learn how selling SoftWash Systems can help you sell more soft washing.


How to help customers make better decisions on value by offering package pricing.

The concept of packing pricing is not unique to AC Lockyer. However, the package A, B & C format of such was introduced to the cleaning industry and perfected by AC. This class will help you understand how package pricing works and why so well.



The 5 Keys to Patterning Success In Your Business & Personal Life

AC Lockyer has had many successes in his life, and none were left to chance. Being deliberate and executing a daily plan will virtually guarantee you are able to obtain everything you want in life if you follow these simple steps AC discovered many years ago. There are five keys to replicating success over and over again. Today you can start using them to win!


How using DISC Personality Profiles can make your closing ratio grow.

As DISC personality / behavior models become more and more apart of our business model here at SoftWash Systems, we need to recognize that our potential clients are as diverse as our employees. Understanding how to sell to each major personality style will help set you off on the right foot, achieving a higher closing ratio. This class will help you make basic adjustments to your sales presentations to win more business.


Comparing and contrasting two differing styles of sales development.

There are two differing approaches to sales team development. One of creating a pack of hunters, the other a tribe of farmers. Soft washing companies need to put down roots and stop the practice of traveling far and wide in search of easy kills and low-hanging fruit. To truly build something in your business is to claim your land and start farming it. How much in sales can you really get from your 30-mile bubble? Only a farmer can truly know. The question for you is do I hunt or do I farm?

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