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SoftWash Systems > News > SoftWash Systems Blog > Use Our Siding Cleaning Services to Keep Your Siding in Great Shape

The appearance of your siding affects the appearance of your whole house—after all, the siding is the first thing people see when they look at your home. In addition, your siding plays the vital role of protecting the interior of your home from the elements, so it’s even more important to keep your siding in good shape.

In this article, our team at SoftWash Systems will go over a few ways in which our siding cleaning services will keep your siding in excellent condition:

  • Prevent Damage from Mildew and Algae – First, our siding cleaning services are designed to get rid of contaminants such as mold, mildew, and algae, which prevents them from doing damage. These organisms will gradually eat away at your siding if they are allowed to remain there, so we use a specialized cleaning solution to eliminate them. Removing these contaminants also results in a better clean, as most of the stains you see on your siding are caused by these organisms.
  • Discourage Pest Infestation – Second, our siding cleaning services will make your siding a less-attractive home for pests, keeping them away. Termites and other wood-destroying insects are drawn to rotting wood and organic matter. Our cleaning methods are designed to get rid of organic matter, making your siding less attractive to pests and preventing the wood from rotting in the first place.
  • Avoid Damage from Water Pressure – Third, our siding cleaning services will leave your siding completely intact, unlike pressure washing, which has been known to cause damage to vinyl and wood siding. Our soft washing methods use a much gentler level of water pressure to remove dirt and grime, which is better for the long-term integrity of the materials it is used on.

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