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Government Property Cleaning

Soft washing is a superior solution for the cleaning of the exteriors of government buildings and complexes, including schools, police stations, and fire houses.

Government Property Cleaning
Investing in regular government property cleaning comes with a lot of benefits. When the exterior of the facility looks its best, visitors come in with confidence. Walkways, driveways, and other surfaces can provide access to various entry points of the building, and when they’re clean, you can reduce the risk of slipping hazards.

But while there are various methods used to clean the exteriors of structures, some are much more effective than others. Pressure washing is a common option, although it’s not a good cleaning method for many different surfaces. When used improperly, this method can cause damage to many surfaces and void warranties on others. Pressure washing is not an option for many materials, including certain types of siding,  windows, gutters, and shingles, as it can cause significant damage.

The better solution for government property cleaning is softwashing, a highly effective method that uses biodegradable cleaning solutions instead of high pressure. It’s eco-friendly and safe for use on any part of the exterior of a building. At SoftWash Systems, we train technicians to perform this service for almost all exterior surfaces.

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