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Certified Applicator

Certified Professionals has been through the industry’s leading certification and vetting process. A SoftWash Systems Certified shield means you are getting a company that is proficient in using our products.

Finally, each and every Certified Applicator company undergoes third-party verification with The Seal to determine if they are properly licensed and insured for their state and county, as well that every single employee has been screened and background checked for predatory criminal history that may put our property owners at risk.

Anyone who has earned this status as an in-network company is fully endorsed by SoftWash Systems.

Completed Certified Applicator Course and Test
Has passed SoftWash Systems certification process including over 20 hours of education.
Hands-On Training Certified
The Seal™ Certified Background Checked

Becoming Certified Applicator

Anyone can build soft wash style equipment and sell soaps. Only SoftWash Systems offers a turn-key business model with the best tools and support in the industry! If you want to have the support of a nurturing business-oriented community and the leadership of the owner of a multi-million-dollar cleaning company/patriarch of the soft wash roof cleaning industry, then consider becoming an in-network company with SoftWash Systems.

Our Certified Applicator is the first level for a professional to participate as an In-Network SoftWash Systems company. The Certified Applicator educational course is designed to teach beginners and professionals how to soft wash profitably. You will receive both a workbook package as well as access to our SoftWash Systems Academy Online, where you will be able to stream educational content at the click of a button. Academy Online is a robust training resource you will use for training both yourself as well as every position inside your company. SoftWash Systems makes hiring and training EASY.

SoftWash Systems offers education that encompasses all levels of professionals, the best support in the industry, the newest innovations for soft washing equipment, and time tested chemicals that do the work for you!

Certified Applicator Course

Certified Applicator


1. Co-Brand with SoftWash Systems on your advertisements, website, truck, and storefront.
2. Ability to use the Shield emblem on your website and marketing materials.
3. Exclusive access to our Creative Studio for design and marketing needs.
4. Ability to participate in exclusive In-Network programs internally with SoftWash Systems – saving your business money.
5. Ability to receive FREE shipping on orders $200 and above.
6. SoftWash Academy Online reduces learning and training development costs when hiring & continuing education.
7. Have the ability to access additional resources, documents, workbooks to make starting a business easy.
8. SoftWash Academy Online tracks all your CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) for you so you can easily stay on top of training.
9. Assign your employees to specific educational training for different positions on SoftWash Systems Academy Online.
10. Run reports to track progress and completion of courses for your own employees inside SoftWash Academy Online.
11. Free access to the Technical Phone Support.
12. Ability to use the SoftServ™ Invoice System.
13. Ability to purchase the Sales Boot Camp
14. Ability to work with SoftWash Systems Partners with exclusive pricing discounts only available to In-Network Companies.
15. Ability to use the Good Stewards logo on your marketing materials and website, with 50 Point Standard signature.
16. Access to Certified Level Classes.

How do I become a SoftWash Systems In-Network Company?

» STEP 1 Attend Discover SoftWash Camp. read more…
» STEP 2 Acquire the Certified Applicator course with access to online classes. read more…
» STEP 3 Complete all 20 classes provided to you through your Academy Online track.
» STEP 4 Pass the 200 question test provided at the end of your Certified Applicator course track.
» STEP 5 Complete your Certified Confirmation Process. Approval confirmation will be provided to you upon completion.
» STEP 6 Must be badged by The Seal. See details at www.TheSeal.com

» STEP 7 Meet Yearly CEUs.
For more information, please visit:

Becoming Certified Applicator

Please click below to view a detailed infographic that walks you step-by-step through the process of status, benefits, and co-branding with SoftWash Systems to build a successful business.

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