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Revolution Camps are where you can get your 8 hours of hands on training to complete your SoftWash Systems Certified Applicator status or come see what's new and how to plug in. Click here for details............

Los Angles, CA
August 7th, 8th & 9th 2014

Hosted By, AC Lockyer
Soft Wash Industry Patriarch

Follow This Link For More Information

Event will be held at,
The Double Tree by Hilton
Carson, CA

Event fee includes food and lodging for first 50 registrants so please be prepared by reserving your room early.

Three Choices To Pick The Best In The Industry

Certified Applicator

The Certified Applicator Program was created to ensure that property owners could pick soft wash companies with confidence. Though these contractors are not using our equipment and chemicals exclusively they have been thoroughly trained and certified to competently soft wash all kinds of exterior surfaces. When they choose to use our products to clean your home you can rest assured that they are proficient.

When you the property owner see this "Certified" badge please ask the contractor to use SoftWash Systems products on your properties surfaces.

Authorized Professional

The Authorized Professional group is a group of companies who exclusively use SoftWash Systems equipment, chemicals and training for performing soft wash services. They may still own a pressure washer or have a pressure washing division. These professionals have also made a further commitment to your safety by participating in the Ask The Seal program. This program ensures that the contractors placed on your property have undergone a national criminal background check as well as ATS has verified licensing and insurance on the company.

When you the property owner see this "Authorized" badge please request that the pro soft washes your home over pressure washing.

Five Star Company

The Authorized Five Star Company program is for the top tier in our organization. These companies are 100% soft wash only companies. They don't even own a pressure washer. They adhere strictly to SoftWash Systems Environmental Stewardship document. This document promotes our theology of biodegradable, alkaline, water based, non-hazardous chemicals, using 1/3 the water* with fossil fuel free electric systems.

These five star companies always use SoftWash Systems equipment, chemicals, education & support to run every aspect of their daily business.

*As compared to pressure washing

So What's Eating Your Roof

Did you know your roof is not dirty at all, it’s infested. Infested by tiny micro organisms that are dining on your roof like an all you can eat buffet. These algae, molds, mildews and bacteria are actually decomposing the surfaces they are growing on. Nature uses these tiny micro organisms to break down larger objects into smaller items eventually becoming part of the soil. This is called decomposition. Your roof and other surfaces around your property are being attacked and decomposed right before your very eyes.

In the past pressure washers were used to clean algae and mildew away from these surfaces. This is actually the absolute wrong thing to do. Water under pressure created the Grand Canyon by a process called erosion. Using a pressure washer and taking an eroder to clean away a decomposer, will actually accelerate the aging and decomposition of the roof and other surface you are cleaning with pressure washing. Pressure washing is old school and doesn’t solve the problem of algae, mildew and bacteria staining.

Think of those ugly stains and colonies of tiny pests. You would treat them with a solution to kill them and keep those pests from coming back right? Well why not treat your properties roof, exterior, decks and such in the same way? Our SoftWash Systems™ Authorized Professionals use the SoftWash System™ to treat staining like a pest not a stain. Our three in one process cleans the surface, achieves a 100% kill of the fungal pests and leaves behind a spore block inhibitor to protect against further infestations. Best of all our Authorized Professionals and SoftWash Systems™ cover your roof treatment with a 5 Year Spot-Free Limited Warranty.


Property Owners

Every property owner want home and property services companies they can trust. Today many companies say they are certified and trained in reality they are far from professional.

SoftWash Systems attracts the best of our industry by focusing on creating innovative, environmentally friendly products while providing world class training and support. Our Soft Wash Authorized Professionals Directory is a listing of companies that have pledged to our SoftWash Systems 50 Point Standard, have received the appropriate SoftWash Systems Certification for their size company and are participating yearly in continuing educational credits to keep their employees a cut above the rest.

SoftWash Systems equipment and chemicals are the greenest in the industry. All of our chemicals are completely biodegradable and break down into carbon and or water within 10 days of introduction into the environment. Our systems run on 12 volt energy and use no fossil fuels. Our systems harness the power our trucks create driving from job to job anyway! Choosing a SoftWash Systems roof cleaning professional is a reaffirmation of your own commitment to the environment.

What should I expect pricing to be from a Professional Soft Wash company?


Soft Washing Professionals

We are here to serve the soft wash cleaning pro! SoftWash Systems is your one stop shop for the very best in soft washing equipment, chemicals, education and support.

First you will want to join the Soft Wash Community. This is a FREE and very professional message board system that enables the best soft wash professionals to interact world wide. Pros can interact with distributors, vendors and retired veterans in this safe and productive, password protected environment. Please register for the forum and we will be alerted that you have submitted for membership. We will quickly review your application and approve you to access the community.

As you grow your business you may need some training. SoftWash Systems offers a one stop model for soft washing professionals to learn spraying techniques, safety, sales, business systems, customer service and employee management.

Access to this training is just a click away. In fact as you grow your world class company you will never have to worry about creating, rolling out and implementing any kind of training programs related to this industry. SoftWash Systems has worked it all out in a concise, web based, easy to access system.

For those professionals exclusivly using our equipment chemicals and training you can become a listed SoftWash Systems Authorized Company on our State by State Directory. The State by State Directory is a listing of the very best soft wash, roof and exterior cleaning companies in the country. From solid, local, owner operators all the way up to multiple truck corporations, customers will know who the very best professionals are in this industry by who is a SoftWash Systems Authorized Company.

Please follow this link to find out what the requirements are to become a SoftWash Systems Authorized Professional.

If you don't have SoftWash Systems equipment yet you can follow a process called One Batching. This is where the cleaning professional mixes the bleach solution and the Green Wash in one single tank. Follow this link to a page that explains the mixology and surfaces for cleaning with SoftWash Systems chemicals utilizing the One Batch Method.


Want To Become a Soft Wash Pro?

Are you looking to add soft washing to your existing business or just start a new softwashing company all together. Here are the steps you need to follow first.

1. Watch The Science & Technology of Softwashing.
2. Join the Soft Wash Community.
3. Read The SoftWash Systems 50 Point Standard.
4. Attend a Revolution Camp or Softwashapolooza.

Call any of our Pro Staff if you need help with any of these steps.

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